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kanna microdose for joy + bliss

start your journey with microdosing with a sense of joy in each day and operate from a place of open-heartedness.


+ boosted mood and feelings of happiness
+ opening the heart
+ increased empathy
+ coping with daily stress



a sacred plant shown to ease anxiety, help reduce stress, regulate sleep and hunger, and boost feelings of happiness


a functional (and gourmet!) mushroom known for its brain-building abilities.


a siberian root used for fighting stress-related fatigue.


a heart-opening alkaloid derivd from raw cacao beans knowns for gently energizing the body.


b vitamins are an important part of maintaining the body's ability to regulate mood + handle stress.


take 1 capsule in the morning, with or without food.
cycle 5 days on, 2 days off.

note: our formulas do not contain psilocybin or any illicit substances.

what is kanna?

kanna is an empathogenic plant from south africa. it has been used for millennia by the indigenous people there for improving mood and relieving stress. fermented and chewed, it’s reported uses range from relieving worry before a long journey, to awakening the animal spirit in ceremony to improving focus before battle to inspiring levity.

microdosing for:

opening the heart
increased empathy
hikes with friends
rediscovering the joy in each day
energizing yoga flows
connecting with yourself + others


wait. what is microdosing?

microdosing in the concept of taking 1/10th or less of a journey or "full" dose of a psychedelic for the mental and physical benefits without entering an altered state.