Hearthstone Collective core values around plant medicine, microdosing, kanna, mushroom, and sacred plants for supporting mental health

Welcome to the Hearthstone Collective

About Us

We are a community of healers, medicine makers, facilitators, guides, physicians, therapists, chemists, body workers, energy workers, coaches, personal trainers, artists, farmers, wild crafters, entrepreneurs, creatives, plants, mushrooms, and people who believe in making the knowledge and resources needed to facilitate healing and connection accessible to all.

We share a common core value of living and acting with intention.

Our intention for Hearthstone is threefold:

To provide access to plant medicines that support people’s health, improve their quality of life, and connect them to their true nature as living vibrant beings on earth.

To build community around plant medicine by providing tools and resources for facilitating heart centered connection.

To operate Hearthstone and use our Collective resources to create environments that support healing and transformation, and help restore the ecology of our plant.

This is what you are actively helping create when you choose to support the Hearthstone Collective with your purchases and your participation in our events.

Thank You!

About the Founder

Welcome to the hearthstone collective about us page image of the founder Ryan created hearthstone to provide access organic kanna (sceletium tortuosum) extracts with high mesembrine alkaloid content for microdosing and benefiting mental health

Hello! I’m Ryan, founder of the Hearthstone Collective.

My journey into the world of microdosing and plant medicines started over 10 years ago at the age of 26, when I was invited to something called a “plant medicine journey”. Despite it being a completely foreign concept to me at the time, I decided to accept the invitation, and I found myself stumbling into what I learned was an entire network of underground plant medicine practitioners. These practitioners risked their freedom and devoted their lives to traveling around the world, giving people access to experiences with plant medicine.

To say my experience was transformative would be a major understatement. For possibly the first time in my life I was in a setting where people were genuinely working to get to the root of who they were and what life was all about, and they genuinely wanted to support and be there for others who shared this passion. That night I would experience my first heart opening and it would change everything. I had no idea how much baggage I was carrying until I felt the weight of it melt off my shoulders that moment. I knew from that moment on my time on Earth would be dedicated to the plants! 

After a year of shadowing medicine practitioners during hundreds of sessions and journeys, I went on to learn from experts in the fields of psychology, organic chemistry, and mycology. One of my favorite experiences was taking Paul Stamets’ intensive workshops at his facility in Washington. There I learned about mushroom cultivation, lab techniques, production design, and what it means to be truly devoted to your craft. 

Since then, I have spent years studying scientific literature, clinical research, and collecting knowledge from Chinese medicine, herbalism, and other wisdom traditions, developing and testing my formulas. From my many mentors along the way, I have learned to constantly deepen my knowledge and to live in wonder of the wisdom that nature and plant medicine provides. 

My love for plant medicine, and exploring states of consciousness, began when these topics were far more controversial, and usually talked about in hushed voices in private places. Today, it is incredibly exciting to witness the rapid change in acceptance and the growing curiosity about the potential for these substances and plant medicines to help us transcend and heal – to reach our highest potential and radically improve the experience of our daily lives. I am awed by the gifts that plant medicines like Kanna offer humans, and the rich heritage they carry from millennia of indigenous practice.

Over the years, my formulas have helped thousands of people explore the world of microdosing and plant medicine. I’ve been honored to support the work of a wide range of wellness professionals, including MDs, oncologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, health coaches, business coaches, naturopaths, personal trainers, body workers, medicine guides, shamans, and many others. These healing arts practitioners, the plants, and the people they both help are the reason why I created the Hearthstone Collective.

Reverence and care for Mother Earth goes into everything I do, and it is my mission to build Hearthstone in a way that helps regenerate the ecology of our planet. The more I learn about plants, people and business, the more I see the potential for Hearthstone to be a vehicle of positive change for individuals, communities, and the world.


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