Hearthstone Collective core values around plant medicine, microdosing, kanna, mushroom, and sacred plants for supporting mental health

Welcome to the Hearthstone Collective

About Us

We are a community of healers, medicine makers, facilitators, guides, physicians, therapists, chemists, body workers, energy workers, coaches, personal trainers, artists, farmers, wild crafters, entrepreneurs, creatives, plants, mushrooms, and people who believe in making the knowledge and resources needed to facilitate healing and connection accessible to all.

We share a common core value of living and acting with intention.

Our intention for Hearthstone is threefold:

To provide access to plant medicines that support people’s health, improve their quality of life, and connect them to their true nature as living vibrant beings on earth.

To build community around plant medicine by providing tools and resources for facilitating heart centered connection.

To operate Hearthstone and use our Collective resources to create environments that support healing and transformation, and help restore the ecology of our plant.

This is what you are actively helping create when you choose to support the Hearthstone Collective with your purchases and your participation in our events.

Thank You!

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