about mushrooms

one of the most important relationships we have is the one we have with our body.

it should be no different with what you put in your body.

our mushroom standard

fruiting body only

many mushroom extracts and mushroom-based products use the fruiting body (the mushroom), mycelium (the roots), and the substrate (what it’s grown on). 99% of the time, the substrate is rice. and a lot of that rice ends up in your mushroom extract. that means you’re getting a lot of filler in your product, making it less potent and less effective.

we only use the fruiting body to make our extracts. in many cases the fruiting body is up to 25x more potent than mycelium. and there's no rice!

our mushroom extracts are among the most potent that you will find, which means that you’re getting the most benefits possible from mushrooms.

every dose. every time.

grown harmoniously with nature

most mushrooms are grown in labs and on rice. and sometimes by machines.

not only are all of our mushrooms certified organic, they're grown in fresh air, on natural substrates. that means, they're grown in the same way that they're found in nature.

natural substrates are huge. it produces a healthier mushroom, and it's a more complex food source, so you’re getting more active compounds and a more medicinally potent supplement.

our mushrooms are also sustainably cultivated by farmers whose craft goes back generations.

we believe in the power of mushrooms to heal, and we believe how mushrooms are grown makes all the difference in producing this magic mushroom medicine.

dual extractions

plants have things (alkaloids) inside of them that you want in your body. after all, the origins of modern pharmaceutical medicine are in ancient herbalism.

working with plant or herbal medicines can be incredibly beneficial but also incredibly unreliable. many factors come into play in the lifecycle of a plant or a mushroom, so you can get a large variance in the potency of two of the same mushroom.

like snowflakes, no two are the same.

and while the variety in nature is beautiful, this makes it very challenging to accurately dose yourself or make herbal formulas that you can rely on.

this why we perform dual extracts on all of our mushrooms. once with spring water. and once with organic cane alcohol.

this not only make our formulas more potent, but it standardizes the potency. so you’re getting an accurate dose, every time.

the power of the collective

we are a collective made up of farmers and mycologists and plant-lovers and everything in-between. we strive to only work with farmers, chemists, and foragers who can meet our quality standards, our values, and our mission to restore the ecology of the planet.

meet the mushroom lineup

from studying with the masters to designing mushroom farms to foraging in the rainforests, we live and breathe mushrooms.
that’s why these functional, medicinal powerhouses are at the core of all our formulas and our work.

✨ explore the magic of mushrooms ✨

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