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Sceletium Tortuosum


wild kanna growing in the Karoo, South Africa

Kanna • Channa • Kougoed • Gunna • Kon • Sceletium

Kanna’s Origin

Kanna is a succulent found in the deserts of South Africa.

Sceletium Tortuosum is the latin binomial for the plant, though it is most commonly referred to as Kanna or Sceletium.

Kanna is a true sacred plant, having been used in ceremony for thousands of years by the San and Khoi people.

Today, Kanna is most commonly used recreationally for its euphoric and empathogenic effects, and is used therapeutically for its anxiolitic and neurogenic benefits.

San • Khoi • Khoisan

Traditional Use of Kanna

Kanna was introduced to the western pharmacopeia in the late 1600’s, but the plant was central to the cultures of at least 2 indigenous communities long before that.

The San and Khoi people are distinct communities that live in the Karoo where Kanna grows natively. They are referred to collectively as Khoisan because they share similar languages.

Kanna was an integral part of both the San and Khoi way of life.

Mood • Relaxation • Cognition • Love • Sleep

Benefits Of Kanna

Kanna is truly a remarkable plant. Kanna is non-toxic, non-addictive, and has proven efficacy in some of the most important aspects of human health and wellbeing.

According to literature on herbalism, plant medicine, and psychopharmacology, Kanna falls under many classifications. As an Empathogen, Kanna increases feelings of empathy and kindness, as well as feelings of being socially accepted and connected. As a Euphoriant, Kanna produces feelings of excitement and happiness. As an Anxiolytic, Kanna releases stress and tension held on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. As a Nootropic, Kanna protects the brain and nervous system while enhancing memory, cognition, and other important executive functions. As an Aphrodisiac, Kanna stimulates and enhances love, desire, and pleasure. As a Hypnotic, Kanna induces healthy, natural sleep.

It is no wonder that Kanna was prized above all herbs by the San of ancient Africa and why this plant is of such interest today.

Mesembrine • Mesembrenone • Mesembrenol • Mesembranol

Chemistry of Kanna