how to integrate

let's integrate

resources to support your microdosing journey and more.

integration tips

(and generally good advice to ground back into yourself)


allow yourself a break from your usual activities. if you can, take the afternoon off work, and avoid the internet for a little while.


let it flow through you. journal what you're feeling, record these moments, or talk with a friend about your experiences.


nourish yourself. gift yourself a delicious, healthy meal. get back into nature. watch the sunset. lay outside and ready a book. drink a cup of tea.

resources for your continued journey


the cosmic serpent

the body keeps score

the beginner's guide to constructing the universe

a general theory of love

entangled life

the invention of nature

the fate of food

the biology of belief

healing light

the electric kool-aid acid test




fantastic fungi

have a good trip

embrace of the serpent

intelligent trees

my octopus teacher

hamilton's pharmacopia

island earth

kiss the ground

biggest little farm

a life on our planet

the lorax

seed: the untold story


jason grechanik

the psychedelic leadership podcast

psychedelic medicine podcast

MAPS podcast

psychdeleics today

the mushroom hour podcast

holistic herbalism podcast

the goop podcast

the life stylist

ceremony circle

voices of esalen

as you build your morning ritual, find a moment that feels right to add in your microdose. we recommend taking your capsule in the morning, and encourage you use this ritual for at a a a first few days, then find what works with your body (i.e., with food, without food, midday, etc.).

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