how to relax

let's relax

mellow beats to calm the body + mind

microdosing with kanna

what is a microdose

1/10 or less of a psychedelic, taken for its benefits. kanna feels like a mini heart opening, and a boost in your feelings of happiness, joy, and bliss.

when to take

relax is an calming formula. while recommend taking in the morning, it can be taken in the evenings to help rest the body before bed. cycle your capsule 5 days on, 2 days off.


how to take

take 1 capsule orally, with or without food. if you're sensitive to capsules, you can break open your capsule and mix it into your favorite drink — be it an elixir, tea, coffee, or smoothie.

to note

you should feel the effects within 30-60 minutes. for an enhanced experience, you can take a second capsule.

explore one activity in each category to build your own microdosing ritual


align your dose with your needs

think of one thing you’re grateful for today

check in with how your body feels + take note of what needs support

speak aloud your mantra (I am beautiful! I am strength!) for the day

set + setting

create a supportive environment

craft yourself a morning drink (coffee, lattes, tea, smoothie)

make your bed and clean your room

listen to an uplifting playlist (need inspo? we got you.)


feel good in your body

freely flow (or dance!) to dust off those sleepies

go for a energizing walk + call a friend

get into nature — whether it’s a local park, mama ocean, or the forest

as you build your morning ritual, find a moment that feels right to add in your microdose. we recommend taking your capsule in the morning, and encourage you use this ritual for the first few days, then find what works with your body (i.e., with food, without food, midday, etc.).