welcome to the hearthstone collective.

we are thrilled to have discovered you!

whether you are taking your first steps into the world of mushrooms, or you are well versed in the magic of plant medicines, we want to support your wellness with our mushroom + plant tinctures.

our formulas are designed to keep your mind vibrant, your body strong, and your heart open because your health and happiness is essential to making our world a better home.

we believe one of the most effective and easiest ways to improve your quality of life starts with intentional use of functional mushrooms and plants.

community is at the root of everything we do. something as important as your relationship with mushrooms, plants, and your body is best facilitated by someone you know and trust. so we work build networks of healing arts practitioners, educators, artists, small farms, local shops and people who want to be hubs of information and access to safe and reliable plant medicines for their communities.

our intention is to make mushroom + plant formulas that will help improve your quality of life, while building community around plant medicines, in a way that is regenerative to the ecology of our planet. we have a hand in every step of the cultivation and production process. from the forest, to the farms, to our bottles our hands are involved.

how fungi + plants are grown is just as important as which you ingest. please know that our functional mushrooms are grown organically, outdoors in fresh air, and on natural substrates that mushrooms grow on in their native environment. they’re cared for by farmers that have sustainably cultivated mushrooms for generations.

our plants are organic or, where possible, wild-harvested. our extracts are made in certified labs that guarantee the potency and integrity of our ingredients.

the final stages of our formulations, and the filling of each bottle, is done lovingly by hand in california.

these powerful formulas can be taken at any time during the day, with or without food, added to your coffee or whatever your daily drink ritual may be.

if you’re working with one of our tinctures, we invite you to try it sublingually (under your tongue) and hold it for 30 seconds. this makes it the most bioavailable — helping the most benefits get into your body as fast as possible.

like a vitamin, you’ll feel the benefits of these mushrooms and plants from continued use. You’ll notice the difference soon, whether it’s in the form of less brain fog or perhaps a cold that dissipates more quickly than before.

with gratitude
x ryan + phoebe
p.s. join us as allies to the forest and mother nature. The box your drops arrived in, and it’s materials, are recyclable and compostable. handle with care.

you look like you could use a forest bath